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Substance Abuse Evaluations

We offer Court-ordered Mental Substance Abuse Evaluations in a warm and friendly environment.

Bariatric Evaluations

We offer pre-surgical bariatric evaluations that your surgeon will require prior to performing the procedure.

ADHD Evaluations

We offer ADHD evaluations for both adults and children. Our services includes a written evaluation and referrals.

Social Investigations

Formerly Custody Evaluations. We have extensive training in high-conflict family matters.

Professional Counseling

We offer Mental Health Counseling Services by licensed professionals in a Warm & Friendly Environment.

Mental Health Evaluations

We offer Court-ordered Mental Health Evaluations in a warm and friendly environment.

Spinal Stimulator Evals

We offer pre-surgical mental health evaluations for individuals who are seeking a spinal stimulator implant.

Litigation Support

Family Law Litigation Support, Parenting Plan Review, Child Support Enforcement & More

Immigration Evaluations

We offer VAWA Evaluations, U-Visa, Hardship, Cancellation of Removal, T-Visa, Political Asylum & Hardship Evaluations.

Autism Evaluations

We offer Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations. Our services includes a written evaluations and referrals.

Family Mediation

Experienced and Professional Florida Family Court Mediators Certified by the Florida Supreme Court.

Parent Coordination Services

We offer professional Parent Coordination services when communication is fragmented.

Rebecca Inman Life and Executive Coach

Meet Rebecca Inman, NCC, MBA

I beyond grateful to have an amazing family and support system throughout my life.  My father is the ultimate optimist, and at 81 is still working.  Not because he has to, rather because he wants to.

It has been my father’s optimism that has become crucial to not only overcoming personal obstacles, but in the hard work and dedication that it has required for me to acquire the multitude of degrees and work experience that I have.  

I spent almost a decade working in Financial Services.  I hold a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in addictions, a master’s in mental health counseling, and an master’s in business administration.  I am also a Supreme Court Mediator and trained in Collaborative Divorce Law.   I am currently working on my certification as a Financial Planner, and I will begin my PhD. studies in the Spring of 2021 in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am a licensed mental health counselor, as well as a National Certified Counselor.

I have a diverse background as an entrepreneur that spans almost forty years, with  significant experience as a business owner.  I am also a mother as well as a grandmother to two beautiful girls.

Life can be messy, and I truly understand. As a professional counselor and mediator it is my role to help you navigate through life, rather than to judge.   

Counseling, Mediation & Evaluations

Rebecca Inman and Company offers professional mental health counseling, family mediation and evaluations.  Our evaluations services include substance abuse evaluations that are court-ordered, mental health evaluations that are court-ordered, ADHD evaluations, Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations, Immigration Evaluations, Pre-Surgical Bariatric Evaluaitons, and Pre-Surgical Spinal Stimulator Implant evaluations.   Our offices are warm and friendly.  We have an office located in Vero Beach, Florida, and an office located in Jupiter, Florida.  

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