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Rebecca Inman Life and Executive Coach

Meet Rebecca, the Therapist with an MBA

I beyond grateful to have an amazing family and support system throughout my life.  My father is the ultimate optimist, and at 81 is still working.  Not because he has to, rather because he wants to.

It has been my father’s optimism that has become crucial to not only overcoming personal obstacles, but in the hard work and dedication that it has required for me to acquire the multitude of degrees and work experience that I have.  

While my father and family have truly been an amazing support system for me, and my own cheer leading section, not everyone in my “circle” has shown the same support.  I like many others, have had impostors in my life whose only mission was to make sure that I did everything but succeed. Setting boundaries and identifying who and what is the “dead wood” in your life is one of my teaching skills. 

As a Life and Financial Coach, I help my clients to reach their potential through identifying what their weaknesses and strengths are.  I work with individuals to identify and set boundaries and to work towards their personal and professional goals.  You can create the life that you want and achieve your goals.

I spent almost a decade working in Financial Services.  I hold a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in addictions, a master’s in mental health counseling, and an master’s in business administration.  I am also a Supreme Court Mediator and trained in Collaborative Divorce Law.   I am currently working on my certification as a Financial Planner, and I will begin my Ph.D. studies in the fall of 2020 in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

I have a diverse background as an entrepreneur that spans almost forty years, with  significant experience as a business owner in a multitude of areas that includes interior design, marketing, branding, business management, financial planning, family mediation and private practice mental health counseling.  For me, it has all come together professionally as I approach the age of sixty.  When I reflect on my accomplishments in life, my favorite title is mother and grandmother.  “I’m the Therapist with an MBA”.

The Therapist with an MBA

What exactly does a coach do?  Hiring a coach is similar to hiring a trainer to help you achieve your physical workout goals.  A life or executive coach helps with identifying what your weaknesses are, what you strengths are, and teaches you how to exploit them in a positive way.  As a coach I look for the strengths and weaknesses within my clients.  Often, what a client thinks is his or her weakness, is not always the truth. What I am looking for is how can I help my client’s strengths in achieving their goals.  You may not know what your strengths are, or you may even have a preconceived idea of what you think you are.  They may or may not be your strengths.  That’s where I come in.

We will work as a team to identify what you excel in and what deficits you have.  I work to empower individuals and help them to achieve their goals and dreams.  You don’t have any goals identified or set?  It’s okay.  You’ve got me now!

I also offer very practical solutions to help my clients overcome obstacles in achieving their goals.  While they are practical tools, not all life coaches possess them.  My education experience as a therapist, and business professional with almost forty years of experience, makes me a unique life, business and financial coach.  How many life coaches do you know who are clinical therapists, financial planners, and have an MBA?  You do now!  

Come join me in a once in a lifetime experience.  Your life.  Your experience.  Make this one and only life, the best that you can. I welcome the opportunity to walk along side of you in your journey to become the best version of yourself.

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