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Limitless business coaching with Rebecca Inman
Limitless business coaching with Rebecca Inman

Limitless Business Coaching.
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You Were Meant for Greatness..

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Rebecca Inman has been entrepreneur for almost four decades.  As a small business owner she has learned that ropes of what it takes to own and operate a business.   The “School of Hard knocks” taught her how to be competitive as a woman in the business world.  After a long stint in the field of finances, Rebecca returned to school to pursue her lifelong dream.  Formal education helped Rebecca to marry the world of academia with her savvy business skills.

Rebecca holds a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in addictions, a master’s in professional counseling, and an master’s in business administration.  She is also trained as a Supreme Court Family Mediator, and has extensive training in deescalation and negotiations.

Limitless business coaching with Rebecca Inman



We teach you the basics skills of getting your business off the ground; from your head and being a dream to planning and forming it.  You’ll learn the A to Z of putting everything together to launch your business and presenting it to your target market.




Marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade.  Print media has its place; however, for the most part it is dead.  The small business owner needs a myriad of outlets to help them market their business.   Some of those outlets are basics, while other outlets are not.  Rebecca Inman covers the basics of marketing, and how to test a marketing campaign for its effectiveness.  If being an entrepreneur has always been your dream, you have come to the right place.  You were meant for greatness!




Your website is going to be your greatest asset as an entrepreneur.  Are there a few exceptions to that rule?  Absolutely!  Not every business will require a website, in fact, I have worked with some entrepreneurs who literally reject the notion that a website is everything for a business.  Its definitively an exception to the rule.  Marketing today requires a presence on the world wide wide.  Rebecca Inman will teach you how to start from ground up and how to get a presence on the internet freeway.




Regardless if you have taken our Business Basics training. Marketing Basics training, or Website Basics training, our Advanced Business training is available to everyone.  We teach high-level business and marketing skills for those who are either ready for the next level or for those who have completed one of our training programs.  If you have always wanted to be an Entrepreneur and reach for the moon, you have come to the right place.


My passion is truly helping others find ultimate happiness, and if you define ultimate happiness as owning and operating your own business well my friend, you have come to the right place.  Be you.  Be happy. Be independent. Be bold.  Own and operate the business of your dreams.  Your way!

Business 101

Rebecca Inman will teach you the basics of staring your own business. You will learn how to take what you have envisioned as your own, and turn it into a reality. Even if you haven't formulated all of your ideals and are unsure of your market, we've got you covered.

Marketing 101

Marketing is significantly different than it was ten years ago, or twenty for that matter. We will teach you the basics of marketing that you can implement to start your own small business. Owning and operating your own business has never been easier.

Websites 101

Websites have changed dramatically. Honestly, building a website is so much easier now. If you have never built a website or even purchased a domain name, its okay. We will give you the foundation and tools to begin the process of building your own website.

SEO Basics

SEO is crucial if you have a website, and who doesn't have a website these days? The algorithms or code that is used to crawl for websites have changed dramatically since search engines came into the scene. We will teach you how to get your website ranked.

Advanced Business

If you are in need of more advanced business skills, we offer an exclusive program for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business. If you have an existing business and are in need of advanced business skills, we can help you.

Just For Therapists

Mental Health Professionals and Clinicians have very specific business protocols that they must follow. We offer special training for clinicians who either want to open a private practice or who have an established one. Learn real business skills from an accomplished therapist.

Hey you. Yes, you. You were meant for greatness!

Limitless business coaching with Rebecca Inman

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